Slow Fashion Visited

Lately, I have become interested in the notion of slow fashion–the movement to create clothes or items of quality that are intended to last a long time. The movement asks us to consider the value of our belongings and encourages us to repair rather than throw out perfectly good clothing.

It also stresses the appreciation of the actual cost and labour that goes into making clothing. It suggests we have lost sight of the true investment of time and money as markets become flooded with cheap clothing. I think this, in part, explains the puzzled reactions on the faces of shoppers at craft sales when they see prices on handmade goods.

In my mind, it would therefore seem wise to stick to somewhat classic clothing or accessory styles that can ride the tides of trends. At some level, this has been my approach to knitting and weaving thus far. Trendy accessories no doubt sell better but have a limited life span. (Messy bun hat anyone?)

So I think I will spend a little time this year on exactly this. I have a Georgetown cardigan in warm grey/sand on the needles and it is joy to knit. Knit mainly in stocking stitch, I have been forcing myself to slow down, to enjoy the rhythm of the process. There is no race to the finish, no craft show deadline looming. This one is for me, the start of my slow fashion journey. Come along with me.


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