Back Down to Business

Ahhhh… Is that a hint of autumn in the air? The soft crinkle of leaves beneath my feet? A welcome relief from a really hot summer?  Then it must be time to get creating again.

Crafters who work with wool know what it’s like to knit or weave in the heat.  It just isn’t happening. But the recent chill in the air means I have been able to put hands to loom and get some scarves made!

My first project was a yummy squishy rainbow scarf that I have quite fallen in love with. It is the featured image you will see at the left of the page. Bouyed by this success, I immediately warped up a red and cream scarf in a log cabin pattern (images soon).

I also found the time to finish off three scarves I had woven earlier in the year (ironically two are cotton, so what’s the delay!)

Here they are:


oh-so-soft scarf made from baby llama

DSC_3926 (1)

a really unusual colour combination, but it works!


beautiful blues and green cotton scarf


it’s really soft!


the same Pima cotton in autumn stripes


Well, it’s back to the loom. There is a craft show in November I have my eye on. Nothing like a deadline to spur me into action!


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